Jesslyn Wiraputra (JWP) is currently helping Brands that are lost in translation at Two & Pier.

Drawing on her years of experience in strategising and developing business plans, in multiple industry such as the F&B, Fashion, Technology and Consulting, JWP combines her love for design to help solo/entrepreneurs and small businesses in connecting the dots and make visions possible.

She also creates Identity for Brands that loves her distinct style. Her promise is simple, an Identity that matches the given Brand Value Proposition. You may explore her designs here.

JWP founded Jade Rose as a medium to express the unexplainable.

Inspired by the art of possibility and the love to create, JWP’s works are known for its beauty with purpose. Each work is tailored to unique personality and a desire to express stories, emotions and differences.


E: explore@jesslynwiraputra.com
IG: @bunnroses / JWP
Linkedin: Jesslyn Wiraputra